Resources & Information For

    Seed Saving, Sharing & Networking

    The Community Seed Network connects and supports
    community seed initiatives by providing resources, information,
    and a platform for networking.



    If you are a seed saver, Seed
    Keeper, part of a seed
    organization, seed swap or
    exchange, then the Community
    Seed Network is for you!



    We whole heartedly believe that
    the non-commercial saving and
    sharing of open-pollinated seed
    makes the world a better place for

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    The resources collected here
    are for your use, including tips
    for seed savers and best practices
    for creating community seed programs.

    Learn Now

    The Community Seed Movement is powered by the love and
    labour of dedicated volunteers, organizers, activists, and citizens. This network is
    about supporting the important work that you do - making it visible and
    offering ways to connect and share with one another.

    Many cultures have contributed to the
    preservation of plant diversity across
    North America, making this work possible.
    We begin by first humbly acknowledging
    indigenous peoples, on whose traditional
    territories this work takes place.

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